We Love Our Harem Pants

We Love Our Harem Pants

 Our Grow Along Harem pants are so very cute but did you know they are also a functional style that is designed to fit for longer?

Some other names include parachute pants, genie  pants, Aladdin pants, pantaloons, bloomers, elephant pants and more. They are all typically a loose-fitting style that taper into a narrow ankle, and have a dropped inseam or a lowered crotch.

Translate that into babywear and you discover a design that is loose, comfortable and with lots of room for bulky diapers.  Our harem pants have the extra advantage of extra length added to the cuffs at both top and bottom so there is plenty of room to grow. We love to use the soft and stretchy jersey waistbands that don’t pinch the chubby bellies like elastic waistbands can.

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