Grow Along® Sizing

Grow Along® Pants and Hoodies:
Grow Along Babywear® sizing crosses over a range of conventional sizes, creating flexible, adjustable, long-lasting fit. Grow Along® sizing targets all the places where children outgrow their clothing, and provides extra room for diapers, longer cuffs at ankles and sleeves, wider neck openings, and looser armholes. These are APPROXIMATE age guidelines for clothing made in Canada.
  • Newborn fits 0-6 Month size
  • Infant fits 3-12 Months size
  • Toddler fits 6 months to 3T toddler size
  • Little Kid fits 3T-5T toddler size
  • Big Kid Size fits 6-8 year size 
  • Pre-Teen Size fit 9-10 year size