The Magic of the Bum Circle

The Magic of the Bum Circle

The bum circle is a distinctive feature of the true grow-with-me design.  Not only does it show off that cute little fluff butt, it is also key to getting the long-lasting fit that Grow Along Babywear® pants are known for.

Fashioned after the old-style maternity pants, the bum circle is a stretchy gusset that is set in right where the pants need it the most, where all the bulk from the diaper sits.  The bulkier the diaper, the more the bum circle will stretch to allow a comfortable fit even over top of the bulkiest cloth diaper. No more going up a couple of sizes to accommodate cloth diapers, the bum circle is the fitting solution.

Our Grow Along Babywear® pants use a stretchy cotton/Lycra panel for the bum circle, that is usually a higher Lycra content than the body of the pants.  This allows more “give” than the rest of the pants, and the diaper has room to stretch out without taking up all the room inside the pants.

This is also the trickiest part of the sewing, which is why you see some other brands being made without this key design feature. It is not the only way to make room for diaper but is probably the most effective. Grow Along Babywear® bum circles are stitched in place and then double-topstitched for extra durability.  

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