Bodysuit Extenders

Bodysuit Extenders

Our bodysuit extenders are a good conversation starter; often times at markets, shoppers will examine it with puzzled expressions until they finally ask, “Just what is this?”

It’s a onezie extender, a genius little accessory that snaps into the bodysuit to add a couple extra months of fit.  Most bodysuits are made with an interlock knit that has 2-way stretch: crosswise. That means the shirt will stretch wide enough to pull on, but just doesn’t reach far enough to be able to snap shut. Rather than toss it out, or cut off the bottom to make a t-shirt, the extender can snap into place and let you keep on using the shirt for several more weeks.  Genius, or just common sense?

We made the extenders with lengthwise stretch so you get maximum benefit and the most extra length. We use medium size snaps that will fit most manufactured diaper shirts.  The most common brands use medium snaps, so while the extender won’t fit every brand out there, it will fit most.

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