Babywear Laundry Care

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Frequently Asked? Can these go in the laundry? And the answer is always yes! All our Grow Along Babywear® items are easy wear, easy care. The recommended laundry cycle is machine wash gentle, tumble dry low.  Our baby clothing is made from a cotton, Lycra (spandex) blend. Here’s the thing about Lycra, it will break down over time from too much exposure to dryer heat, so the trick to keeping your fabrics soft and stretchy is to keep the dryer heat low. Just like you would try to do with a new t-shirt. Lay flat to dry and then fluff in the dryer after it’s dry is even better, but with little children in your life, we know that ease of care is a top priority. And if you forget to turn down the heat now and then, don’t worry, you won’t ruin the stretch, but the more times it is exposed to high temperature, the less stretchy it will be, so keep the laundry gentle and low.

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