Newly Added Double Gauze Bandanas and Teethers

Newly Added Double Gauze Bandanas and Teethers

We’ve added a new collection of double gauze bandanas and teething toys to the shop, and they are sure to become favourites. Made from multiple layers of double gauze fabric (or muslin as it is sometimes called) the bandanas are made as a square that folds in half to offer even more absorbency and protection. The double gauze teethers are made from long doubled strips of gauze that is tied onto silicone or wooden teethers.

Cotton Double Gauze fabric is made from two layers of lightweight loosely woven cotton that is tacked together all over. Our gauze bibs use two layers of the double gauze for four layers of absorbency.  They are constructed as a square bandana that is folded into a triangle to wear, so in the end that is a lightweight bib that is actually eight layers of fabric. This amazing fabric becomes even more soft and fluffy after washing so it is gentle against sensitive skin.

To close the bib around baby's neck there are two options.  The bib has a twill tape tab in one corner so the bandana doesn't have to be tied.  If baby likes to pull things off, then there is also a snap option. To adjust the fit, the opposite corner can be pulled through the tab first and then snapped shit to make it tighter if needed. 

Great for teething babies, give some style while soaking up the drool!

And because we like our products to have longer life, once baby has outgrown the need for a dribble bib, this little square doubles as a toddler washcloth that can be hung by the tab within easy reach of the child.

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