Grow Along Babywear – How Does It Work?

Grow Along Babywear – How Does It Work?

How do Grow Along Pants work?

Good question! I got asked this a lot at markets, back in pre-covid days!

Babies grow; don't you wish their clothes would fit for longer? Our Grow Along Babywear® has an assortment of features that will allow the item to fit for longer. When ever its possible to add in a few extra inches, or a tweak that allows flexibility, that gets incorporated into the design.  Babies grow mostly in length but also in width, so whenever possible we find simple design adaptations that will allow some extra room to grow.

We start by asking where the fit problems occur and try to find a way to address that issue. Here are a few examples:

  • Our fabrics are all stretch knits, made with cotton spandex blends so the finished products are stretchy and comfy.
  • We add extra long cuffs to all our pants and tops so they can be adjusted as baby changes sizes.
  • The waistbands get some extra length as well so that pants will keep on pulling up over the bulky diapers.
  • Our hoodies and crew necks have deep raglan sleeves that provide room to get little arms into the sleeves without a struggle.
  • Hoodie bodies are roomy so they will fit on over other layers and have a waistband that can be folded up or down.
  • Tops also have wide necklines so they will pull on and off easily even after baby grows bigger.
  • Our printed onezies are commercially made but we provide snap-in extenders so the shirts can still snap closed when baby grows longer.
  • Topknot hats have extra room in the band that can be folded up or down and have the cute little knot on top that can be tightened or loosened to change the fit.

And last but not least, we only use top quality fabrics that will stand up to the wear and tear over time. If it is going to fit for longer, it has to stay in good condition for longer too.  Our imported European made fabrics are top of the line in weight and durability, and will keep on looking good if laundered according to instructions.

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