Getting the Longest Fit from Grow Along® Pants

Getting the Longest Fit from Grow Along® Pants

You gotta know how to fold ‘em!

Those Grow Along pants can fit for many more months than expected if you know how to make full use of the folding techniques. Simply put, fold up to make shorter, unfold to make longer, at the top and the bottom.

But did you know that you can make them even shorter if you fold the leg cuff to the inside first, and then make a cuff? That way you can shorten the leg even more? Some people are confused when they first see the Maxi size pants, and remark that it can’t possibly fit a 6 month length. When I show them the fold, it often takes a full few seconds before the realization sets in that says “OMG These pants are amazing!”

If you fold the Maxi size down to its smallest version of itself and put it on a 6-month size baby, it is entirely possible that 2 years later, that same baby can be wearing those same pants! Unbelievable? Tried and true! I love it when a customer comes to my booth at a market and shows me their child wearing pants from 1-2 years ago! Seeing is believing.

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