The Top Knot Hat

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It’s more than just a cute hat. That cheeky knot at the top gives an undeniably cute pixie look to your little one, but did you know it also helps with fit?

Babies heads tend to get wider as they grow, so a stretchy hat usually has enough “give” to pull on and off, but the wider the hat stretches, the less depth it will have, and after a while you might not be able to pull a hat down over baby’s ears.

Meet the topknot; it can be tightened or loosened to adjust the depth of the hat. Is the hat falling down over baby’s eyes? Just tighten the knot to take up some of the slack. Is the hat too short to pull down over the ears? Just let loose some of the slack that is tied into the knot and you will be able to get some extra length and longer wear.

And the cuteness just never stops, no matter how you tie it!

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