Reusable Nursing Pads

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Did you know that the cut-away from bum circles are the perfect size for nursing pads?

I hesitate to throw away scraps and have been hoarding mountains of bum circles ever since the inception of Grow Along Babywear®.  The fabrics are just too good, in quality and design, to be destined for a landfill, so we find many little uses for our 4” circles of stretchy organic fabrics. Such as hairbows, scratch mitts, teether toys, knee pads, elbow patches, dog beds, and more.

Recently it occurred to me that I was overlooking one of the best uses there was, the nursing pad. The pretty print scraps are 4” circles and are the perfect size for a nursing pad. We back each circle with a waterproof, organic cotton sherpa fleece for comfort and leak prevention.  These pads are completely safe for laundry, can go in washer and dryer with the rest of the wash, but use of a lingerie bag is recommended so you don't lose track of them. And best of all, each nursing pad is saving a bit of fabric from the landfill. 

I love it when new ideas make the best sense.

Tested and approved by Dawson’s mommy 😊

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