More About Folding - What About the Waistband?

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It’s easy to see on our Grow Along pants how the long ankle cuffs can be folded up or down to adjust the pants as the legs grow longer, but what about the longer waistband?

The same principle applies; you can adjust the waistband up or down as the body length of the baby changes.  It is often the body of the pants that are outgrown as diaper bulk increases with the growth of the baby. And after a while you just can’t pull conventional pants up over all that diaper bulk. But the Grow Along® pants have generously cut waistbands that will pull up easily over the bulkiest of fluff bums, even cloth diapers. That means no more going up a size or two just to accommodate diaper bulk. And our soft stretchy jersey waistbands don’t leave pinch-y elastic marks on little bellies the way a regular elastic waistband might.

An added benefit of the longer waistband is to help keep baby warm in cooler weather. Who says the waistband has to be folded down? If it’s cold outside, put the waistband all the way up for an extra layer.

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