Raccoon Triangle Shaped Crinkle Toy with Soother Clip Silicone Teether Food-safe Pendant

  • $35.00
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This toy is three-in-one of some of the most popular baby extras. 

Sensory play combined with teething toy for lots of baby fun and stimulation. 

Triangular print exterior cloth piece is lined with tactile dimple minky backing, rimmed with textured tags, and filled with foodsafe crinkle fabric. Tag colour and placement may vary slightly from photo.

There is a strap with a snap closure that can be used with the silicone teether pendant, or used as a soother clip or attached to arm of stroller or highchair to prevent loss.

Absorbent cotton fabric will catch the drool, gives baby something to hold onto, and it comes off for washing.

Crinkle fabric and silicone pendant are both high quality food grade materials that are FDA-approved, non-toxic, BPA-free quality. 

**Recommended for 3+ months, discard at any sign of damage, do not leave child unsupervised with this toy.