Grow Along Pants for Babies and Toddlers

Ettie Catto

Have you ever picked up some great little pants for your baby and then found they were too small just a couple of weeks later?  I think it has happened to most parents at one time or other.

Sugar Sandwich Design Studio offers Grow Along With Me pants for babies and toddlers to see you through those growth spurts!

Unlike pants that are sized to fit a particular age, Grow Alongs fit a range of sizes and are adjustable to baby's growing body.

Try a pair and you wont be disappointed.  Maxi size fits the greatest range of sizes,  from six months, all the way to three years, depending how you fold the cuffs and bellybands, Minis will fit a large newborn up to one year.  All Grow Along pants have the signature stretchy "bum circle" that provides room for bulky diapers.

You can buy your Grow Alongs in my online store or through my Facebook page.

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